Welcome to “Top Line”

“Top Line” is directed to sales and marketing executives, CEOs, other senior management and entrepreneurs who are interested in managing and improving their sales and marketing functions.  Each week, I will share some of the experience I’ve developed over a nearly thirty-year career in sales and marketing management.

Over the coming weeks, I will address issues associated with Building and Managing Successful Sales Teams.  I will examine:

  • Sales force creation
  • Designing commission plans
  • Sales force management
    • Attracting and retaining good sales reps
    • Territory management
    • Motivation
  • Lead management
  • Sales training
  • Inside sales
    • Responsibilities vs outside sales
    • Tools for success
    • Measuring performance
  • Channel Sales
  • Customer management
  • Sales tools / sales support
  • Back-office processes

I look forward to your joining me as we explore how to grow the “top line” while maintaining control of the “bottom line.”

© 2009, David P. Wallace

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