Most Salespeople are Selling Two Days a Week.
We Help Them Sell More.


Why Salespeople are Unproductive

According to a CSO Insights study, sales reps spend two days a week in front of or on the phone with prospects.  Here’s how they spend the rest of the week:

How Sales Reps Spend Time


It gets worse.

 One quarter of all forecasted sales opportunities end in no decision. That means salespeople waste a lot of valuable selling time chasing unproductive deals.

Most sales reps are smart, motivated people. But, often, they focus on the wrong things. And, often, they have the wrong tools.

Salespeople face many barriers to effective selling, including:

  • A poorly defined target market
  • An unclear message
  • A weak opportunity tracking system
  • A compensation system with the wrong incentives
  • A cumbersome contract and proposal system

Reps create some of the barriers themselves. Their company’s system creates others.

Better Processes + Better Info = More Sales

Wallace Management Group (WMG) works with small sales teams (generally 4 to 20 reps) to help them sell more effectively.

We’ve found that the key to improved sales productivity are better processes and better information. Salespeople who have the right tools and the right incentives sell more.

We evaluate your sales operations and show you what propels your sales team forward and what holds them back.

You may want to work on several areas or only one. We can help you in either case. Our services include:

  • Lead/Opportunity Management
  • Territory/Channel Management
  • Sales Tools/Collateral
  • Compensation
  • Sales Training
  • CRM Systems

If your reps could get even a half day more selling time each week, that would be a 25% sales productivity increase. How much would that be worth to you?