Tactical Services

Wallace Management Group works with its clients to improve or develop operational or tactical sales and marketing systems. Tactical services may include lead management, opportunity planning, territory management, channel management, sales force management or sales tools and collateral creation.

Lead Management

  • How will I pass leads generated by marketing efforts to my sales executives?
  • How will I ensure that leads are followed up on by my sales executives?
  • How will I differentiate between cold, warm and hot leads?

Opportunity Management

  • When does a lead become an opportunity?
  • How should I manage multiple opportunities?
  • When should I bring in additional resources to close an opportunity?
  • How does the field percolate opportunities up to management?
  • When should the field identify opportunities to management?
  • How should management track field opportunities?

Territory Management

  • Can my business meet my customers’ needs and expectations?
  • Can I track and anticipate my customers’ needs?
  • How well do I know my customers?
  • Do I know which of my customers are most profitable? And, which ones are unprofitable?
  • Is my CRM system making my team more productive? Or creating a bureaucracy?
  • How am I measuring customer satisfaction?

Channel Management

  • How do I use channel distribution to leverage my marketing and sales efforts?
  • How do I minimize channel conflict and discord?
  • What programs should I use to motivate my channel partners?
    • Joint marketing
    • Sales incentive payments (spiffs)
    • Market development funds (MDF)
    • Sales volume discounts
    • Elite partner programs

Sales Force Management

  • How will I pay my sales executives?
  • Does my commission plan drive achievement of my market goals and strategies?
  • How will I define territories (Geography? Industry? Relationships? Others?)?
  • Will I differentiate between new business territories and account management territories?
  • How will I manage territory conflicts and disputes?
  • How will I measure territory success beyond revenue and quota attainment?

Sales Tools and Collateral

  • How effective are my sales tools?
  • What is the cost of my sales tools?
  • What is the return on investment of my sales tools?
  • Which sales tools do I currently use?
    • Sample kits
    • Product brochures
    • Company brochures
    • Presentations
    • Road shows (events)
    • Webinars
    • News clippings
    • Demo programs
    • Leasing/financing
    • Contracts
    • Contact/territory management systems